One Time at Summer Camp!

We’re Back!!!! And ready to get this party started once again! The Board is energized and full of new ideas to make PTTW 2021 “TROP ROCK SUMMER CAMP” the best PTTW ever. Without dwelling on last year, we would really like to thank everyone for believing in and supporting us in what were some very difficult decisions. Because of you we were able to make the best of a bad situation. You are our family and the reason we do this. You are the BEST! Many of you rolled your Registration over from last year, so you are all set unless you need to change any of your personal information.


Summer Camp

Share open air cabins or tents
Scheduled Cafeteria meals
Alcohol Prohibited
Lanyard Making
Make Tye Dyed T-Shirts
Campfire Sing Alongs
Swim in a Cold Lake
Chaperoned Dances
Can’t Wait to get home to see to see your Friends

Trop Rock Summer Camp

Clean airconditioned private rooms
24 Hour Restaurants
24 Hour Bars
Door Decorating Contest
Wear Tye Dyed Togas
Showroom Conga Lines
Relax in a Resort Pool
Can’t wait to come back next year to see your Friends

Please help support our charity, Keep Memory Alive , Phins To The West is a 501(c)(3) organization ID #204050324,
so your generous donations are Tax Deductible
Click on the "Donate" Button Below or send your check to:
Phins To The West
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